Monday, 13 May 2013

The Top 5 Hottest Malaysian Celebrities Mummy !

Untung anak artis ada mom yang superb! gorjes! awesome! fashion icon! cantik! sizzling! (i love my mom more) hehe :D tapi, paling aku adore adore sangat sangat yeah of coursee the cute Nora Danish :) jom tengok the top 5 hot mummy !

1. Mummy to Rayqal (Nora Danish)

2. Mummy to Danielle (Belinda Chee)

3. Mummy to Ashton (Amber Chia)

4. Mummy to Leia (Marion Caunter)

5. Mummy to Isobel and Iman (Daphne Iking)


Awak yang comel. Komen elok-elok tau