Monday, 12 September 2016

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, HT06


Have you ever heard of Dream Come True?
It does happen to me. The best thing that ever happen in my life! I was offered to further my study at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in HT06 Pendidikan dengan TESL (Ijazah Sarjana Muda). It was my first choice among the other uni's in my UPU.

Perjalanan untuk mendapat course ini sangatlah tidak mudah. I would like to write those experience before but I am too lazy to blog it.

Since that I am so interested to be an English teacher plus I was encourage by my mother, aunties and cousins since they are called English teachers so yeah I have that obsession in teaching and English. My first MUET result was kinda frustrating. I'm one point closer to Band 4. My result was Band 3 with 179 marks! I urge myself to repeat because of the requirement so I ended up my second MUET with Band 4. Luckily!

I almost faint that time once I knew the interview will be held at the faculty in UMS itself. I'm in Kuching, Sarawak and I have to fly to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I knew that I got the call  3 days before the interview. So, I have to rush to photocopy all my sijil and surat and so on. And book the flight ticket. Luckily, I'm not alone since one of my friend got the call too. Landed at KKIA, looking for taxi, went to the hotel and we were able to shop at One Borneo Hypermall since we only have two days in KK.

Let me laugh first! OK Nightmare number 1, I was interviewed by the lecturer itself. The first 2 minutes was okay that I introduced myself (speaking of course). Then when it comes to Q&A I had a terrible pumping heart and blood. I cant reveal the questions but it was really hard for me. TRUST ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO A TESL INTERVIEW YOU BETTER GET YOURSELF 100% READY.
That moment of 'I hope I can meet this faculty again'

Despite all the challenges, I'm here now. Officially a student of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, course Education with Teaching English as Second Language (TESL), still learning English, improving my communication skills, gaining friends and enjoying the environment of Sabah, building new circle of friends and sight-seeing Tanak Wagu! Boleh ba kalau kau!

Kampung E Ums, Kolej Kediaman E
Registration Day. The view from my room in Kolej Kediaman Excellent or known as Kampung E
First Day of Minggu Suai Mesra
And this was the best night, Malam Riadah and we did the gigantic Soaring Upwards

And until next time!