Friday, 26 April 2013

Deepest condolence dear cousin

hello silent readers :) 

im here and just got back from Serian. and surely im very grateful sebab sempat melawat mendiang my lovely cousin's wife. still im in shock. they just celebrated their second year wedding anniversary and my cousin's wife birthday and his wife pregnancy.

i received the news from my mother. balik sekolah then aku bukak pintu. tak sempat nak tutup pintu then mamak say "baca meses bapak dalam henfon mamak". i thought 'oh mungkin mamak dapat bonus or whatsoever' then i say "dont scared me". scrool punya scrool i found daddy's name. he said that "my cousin name accident, his wife dead, now at hospital serian (bahasa iban)" aku dan mamak rush balik rumah, tukar baju then rush pegi hospital.

i hate the feeling when im stepping into the rumah mayat. satu perasaan sebak, tak percaya, sedih dan macam-macam. and surely im afraid about my cousin's health. praise to lord he's okay. like what my mom said "inilah hidup". we must go on. dear cousin, i hope you will face the problem and remember God is always there.


  1. That's so sad :(( He lost 2 in one time, baby and wife. That's tough, very very tough! #joyoftheLordisourstrength (:

    1. yes. and the baby was their first child.

  2. Aduhhh :'( Aku baca pun dah nak nangis ni.


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